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Prison Art on Lancaster Blvd Victors Phillips shares his talent with Jim Greenleaf about his prison art. was started by prisoners and is maintained by ex-offender volunteers. Everything on this site is FREE for you, the Internet user. started with a simple idea. An idea conceived by a few prisoners incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution, Ft. Dix. These men believed there was a need to provide ALL prisoners with an opportunity to communicate with the world . . and for their families and friends, as well as the general public, to better understand the American prison system and the people it holds.They wanted to offer services to the prisoner that NO other website offers. 

In spite of the many obstacles they faced, their persistence, dedication, and hard work transformed that simple idea, their dream, into a reality. is the result. . . a networking tool through which:

  • Prisoners can announce their existence to non-incarcerated citizens;
  • Prisoners can prepare for their release;
  • Internet users can locate prisoners and communicate with them;
  • Internet users can find a database of up-to-date information to better understand the prison system;
  • Internet users can network with each other, express their opinions, and exchange ideas. does not take a stand on what’s right or wrong. That’s for you to decide. We provide you with a forum to express your opinions, exchange ideas, debate and, hopefully, learn.

Please take advantage of what we have to offer. This website was built for you! Express your opinions and ideas on our Message Board, send a letter, write an article, and communicate with a prisoner . . . send them an email, leave a message on their Message Boards, or write directly to their prison address.

Prisoners need to know that someone cares. Studies prove that recidivism is lower when inmates have folks on the outside taking an interest in them. A kind word can go a long-way in preventing recidivism.

We implore you to visit the prisoners’ Personal ads and offer them your positive words of encouragement. It will help them more than you will ever know. is for the prisoner to bridge that gap between themselves and their networks of support. Depending on their personal goals, there are several ways we can help.


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